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The DD-Code Historical Testimonials

The following sample of Testimonial and Pertinent Comments date back from the current time to 1988 when The P.E.R.I.O.D.I.C Table of English and The DD-Code were a hobby for Mamone Family.

Please Note 1: The P.E.R.I.O.D.I.C Table of English and The DD-Code education developments are solely owned and funded by Mamone Family without grants or contributions from any entity during this period continuing.

The following section below includes comments from education departments, government curricula developers, world renown teachers, psychologists, language and linguistic researchers, media, university head and speech pathologists including Dr Douglas Engelbart and Dr David Evans who created the Internet at SRI Stanford University.

Please Note 2: Not all of the following comments are endorsements of DD-Code, some are pertinent comments and they are placed here for world public interest, historical attribute, objective viewing and general background information on reaction to DD-Code and The P.E.R.I.O.D.I.C Table of English throughout its 28-year development, prior to commercialisation in 2017.

DD-Code Comments From 1988 – 2017:

1988:  "Mamone's understanding of language acquisition is far greater than any academic I have been tutored at the Queensland University, there is no doubt in my mind that Mamone's technique of teaching in early childhood is a valuable contribution to education.

[Continuing to 1996]:  "A rare gift to mankind. It is the most exciting concept of this century. The Periodic Table of English and The DD-CODE is a breakthrough into the cognitive channels of human ability. It is not simply a new learning technique but one which will raise the intellect of people across the board, and has the potential to lead adventurous mind mechanics into a new era of learning which will benefit mankind in numerous ways."   8 Year Documentary report, Feb 1996: P J Webber BA, Dip Psych, MA Ps, S JP.  Document Report March 1988-1996: P F Webber BA, Dip Psych, MA, PsS.

1989: "This approach is different from the current system, I consider it unusual but effective." Extract from Talking Book Report, Dr M Neil, world renowned Child Psychologist, founder of Neil Analysis for Reading, Visiting Harvard Professor, founder of gifted-talented research centre, Australia OBE PhD, MA, Dip Ed, Psych. 1989

1990:   "In a more Scientific way, Mamone’s work is comparable to artist inventor Leonardo da Vinci."  Head Office KPMG Peat Marwick Hungerford Melbourne senior marketing and strategic service division consultant Peter Philpott, Murdoch News Ltd Editorial, The Bulletin, 1990.

1990:   "Despite the fact that we are both teachers, we have been unsuccessful in improving our child's reading at home or through the education department. Joseph Mamone achieved more in four sittings than we did in 3 years through the South Australian Education Department." Syfis Family, August 1990.

1990:  "It's just the technological boost that the field of Speech Pathology and Education generally have been waiting for. These discoveries are truly special."  Debbie Smith, Speech Pathology & Early Childhood & Special Ed Flinders University Lecturer SA , App Sc (Speech Pathology), M Spec Ed, Feb 1990, Director of Mensa SA.

1990:  "I am interested in education and these types of developments. I, myself matriculated at 14 years and I know what that was like, congratulations to you, it is a truly wonderful achievement." Comment at Mamone's home by Australian High Court Judge, Justice Alexis Hamilton, May 1990.

1992: "I have been involved with Parents as Teachers (PAT) in the USA for 28 years, this is the most logical and practical reading and general education program I have seen in 28 years."  Barry Dunn, Former NSW Chief of Police, 1992.

1994: "The DD-CODE has the potential to revolutionize computer and language education. The system attacks the biggest problem of the decoding aspect of English, namely: the sound to symbol relationship for reading, spelling and enunciation in both English speaking and non-English speaking countries, I am very pleased to be associated with Mr Mamone."   Mr Helmer Lich, Linguistics, Griffith University 1994.

1994:   " The DD-CODE has shown me why English is the way it is. It has shown me more in 10 minutes than I have learned in the last 10 years. It has shown me more than what I have ever really learned about the decoding aspect of reading English."   News Ltd by Ms Suzanne Baker, News Ltd field and media education division. 1994

1995:   "The DD-CODE is probably the best and most exciting program to come through this office since we began its operation five years ago. Initially, we tried for months to contact Mr Mamone regarding the enormous interest that has grown in Japan overnight." Government of Queensland Australia Deputy Japan Trade Secretary, Oct 1995.

1995:   "You have discovered a universal code for sound to letter for decoding in reading, the Government thought it was there, we have been looking for it for 200 years." Mr John Carr, 1995 curricula development head: Queensland Government Education Department.

1996:   "We have never seen anything as amazing as DD-Code. We have nick named Joseph Mamone Marco Polo for widening the Road from East to West.” Han Nanpeng, Chen Chunlin, Yuan Jifeng, Peng Daofu and Wang Xu - Vice Governor, Vice Director of Foreign Affairs, Vice Director of Education &Provincial Foreign Affairs Office of Hubei 1996.

1996:   "The guidance provided to parents is excellent in my opinion and demonstrates a high level of sensitivity to young children's learning and other needs...I congratulate you on what seems a massive achievement."  Report by Professor G Ashby, Head, School of Early Childhood, Queensland University of Technology: 1996

2001:    "Since introducing The Program this year. The results we have seen have been quite astonishing." CNN World NEWS, Aug 16th 2001.

2001: ‘An augmentation for human development. Originally, I put your data on our bootstrap site. I will send Dr David Evans to Australia to talk with you.’  Dr Douglas Engelbart, Head of Stanford University Research Institute (SRI) for Development of the Hyperlink (Arpanet/Internet) and the Computer Mouse and its Patent. Internet Hall of Fame inductee.

2001:   ’You are the only one to have created The Periodic Table of English. There is a lot of work to do now.’  Dr David Evans Stanford University Research Institute (SRI) for Development of Hyperlink (Arpanet/Internet) and the Computer Mouse under auspices of    Dr Douglas Engelbart. Founder and CEO of Uniquest / University Of QLD, Recipient Order                    Of Australia Medal.

2005:  "I believe the department of Education would find DD-Code a useful input for possible application in the teaching of English in Singapore." Seow Hiang Lee Principal Private Secretary to Minister Mentor Singapore, 2005

2005: "Dear Mr Mamone, this refers to your letter to the Philippine President, Gloaria Macpagal-Arroyo, introducing The DD-Code which was forwarded to us. We Find DD-Code very useful and supports our National Literacy Programs. The DD-CODE provides a systematic means to teaching English to a second language learner. DD-Code not only shows printed symbols corresponding to the sounds of the English language and how they are used in words and sentences, but also how these sounds are actually produced. In addition, although the use of DD-Code in the Philippine schools will be a great help in producing precise sounds of English language as accepted in different English speaking countries, the Filipino language is by itself a highly phonetic language, thus, the Filipino learner transfers this advantage in learning English."  Director of the Bureau of Elementary Education, Dr. Teresita Inciong & Officer-in-Charge, Dr. Fe A. Hidalgo Philipinnes Education Department. 2005.

2005:  "Further to your presentations and discussions regarding DD-CODE, it is obvious that the program has tremendous merit in helping enhance New Zealand’s Literacy challenges. I have spoken to several of my contacts regarding the use of the program and they feel that they would like to move a step further and meet on how you see the training of the teachers. They are excited that the program is different, simple and as one person put it, same program no matter what age."  Jerry Norman, Chief Education Policy Unit, New Zealand Department of Education, 2005

2005:  "The importance for any education department to know, and more importantly to access, the sounds of all letters of all words of English by all teachers by some directory, is vital and paramount. If literacy is the corner stone of education, then development of the Periodic Table of English must be the most important component of education both written and spoken. We wish to purchase DD-Code technology for a term of 100 years initially to preserve the Languages of Koqulai Nation. We will honour and observe as Joseph Mamone and his Family take their place in history alongside the few that have shaped human history.” John Clark, Managing Director, Koqulai Projects, on behalf of the 25 Chiefs of Koqulai Nation, Solomon Islands.

2007: "DD-Code is really a fascinating tool." Claude Van Engeland, Head of Audio-Visual / Languages, UNESCO

2009: "We would like to express our special thanks to you for your kindness to bring DD-Code to the nation of Vietnam...we now have a quite clear understanding of what DD-Code is about. We find that the DD-Code is very useful for the people of Vietnam to learn English in the right way.”  Tran Minh Tam, Director of Humanity and Education, Vietnam

2013: “Katter’s Australian Party is concerned with the preservation of languages, especially the 300 indigenous languages of Australia that are in danger of dying out. A means of education that will address the needs of ALL learners is long overdue. We are therefore most impressed that you have created The Period Table of English that helps children to read and has the potential to assist seven billion people worldwide.” Janis Rossiter, Secretary, Katter’s Australian Party

2016: “The top student has been IQ assessed to determine if her incredible reading ability is IQ related and this testing discovered some previously unseen outcomes. Her literacy based testing showed an IQ of approx. 150, however her visual and auditory testing indicated a significantly lower capacity. This has lead us to the belief that the DD-Code reading program has enhanced her test performance in IQ testing.

Top students could be as much as four times ahead of the average Australian student which will significantly free curriculum time which will be invested in the areas of Maths and Science. Without doubt, this technology places all students at the front of their age cohort in academic performance from the beginning of their schooling journey, which will allow them to be successful throughout their schooling experience.” Hillcrest Christian College Principal Jeff Davis Aug 2016.

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