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About Us

About Us, The DD-Code and The People Who Made It

An electronics technician, musician with film editing background, and from 12 years of age, Joseph Mamone had life long interests to better understand singing, human speech and language. In 1982 Joseph’s family undertook complementary home schooling combined with everyday school for the family’s 2 children, and became interested in the stages and progressions of language acquisition of babies and young children.

Visual Primer – Pre DD-Code Development 1982-1988

The first ongoing commercial development of that period, for babies and generally in early childhood, continuing now for one third of a century, was Visual Primer which is used a few minutes a day from 3 months, facilitates a fluent read of almost printed text, including newspapers in 6-point print, at 4 years old.

Visual Primer was comprised of 40 X 1 minute segments and shown to any child a few minutes a day over a period of 3-4 years in early childhood. Visual Primer is still the most powerful program in the world to draw a child’s full attention from the age of 3 months upwards. Try 60 seconds to commence with your baby or young child the world of reading: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kQA2oN18oM4

Apart from the critical aspect of VP which is the matching of spoken words by a mouth on screen, and text appearing to come out of the mouth in conformity with the rhythm of natural flowing language, described by psychologists and being the first form of human thinking - and Years of work creating Phonetic wheels, chats, word and sound frequency lists went into VP Film, the languages references we made, purchased and used for VP had a natural limit, in that there is existed no reference to a 1 to 1 Sound to letter reference for saying a word, using just the English language, and not international phonetics because that was one language using another one to learn English, and t, which we needed to make the English language 100% phonetic, in order to film and edit those parts to show there was some rule by which letter or groups of letters could be identified with more than one sound, and each letter could also have only one sound by the same rule.

P.E.R.I.O.D.I.C Table of English / The DD-Code Development 1989-2015

So the counting and classifying of sound to letter elements to find this rule began in earnest form almost 24x7 for 7 years

Born from continuing interest in language after the VP period, for children 5 years to Adult, the first parts of The P.E.R.I.O.D.I.C. Table of English™ and The DD-CODE™ were developed and Mamone family began assisting parents whose children had literacy challenges with these developments.

In this process and comparing the Periodic Table of the Elements with language and music, Mr Mamone developed a unique insight into the structure, sound, complexity and potential that is the Phonetic Code™ of the English language.

Where sound, and the representation of sound by each letter of each word of English was made possible simultaneously by development of The P.E.R.I.O.D.I.C. Table of English™ and The DD-CODE™, making the English Language 100% Phonetic for the first time in the history and evolution of the English Language.

Finally, a 3-Dimensional table was used to record sound to letter data of all words of English, and a rule, for associating sound to every letter of all words of English was formulated, The DD-Code.

In Summary of this development: All words of English exist in a 3D, Phoneme/Sound to Letter, Numerical Part Word and Periodic Time/Pitch Coordinate Array/s which constitutes The P.E.R.I.O.D.I.C Table of English™

DD-Code™ is not merely a "color code" for sound association to letters. DD-Code™ was derived as the elementary components of letters and sounds began to form The –Dimensional P.E.R.I.O.D.I.C Table of English™ and represents the Sound-to-Letter Code for all words of English today and words which come into the language daily, without exception.

Elimination of Illiteracy

The DD-code is a property unique to The Periodic Table of English.

DD-Code is now used in mass media and education by people everywhere to read and speak the 2 million words of English by knowing the Phonetic Code of One Word. (Right)

Mamone family continues distribution of Visual Primer, Period Table of English and The DD-Code to all parts of the world today beginning in Africa.

Preservation of the 7,000 Languages of Earth

DD-Code periodic tabulation of dying and some extinct languages can preserve these languages for all time, by creating their phonetic code so they can be read and spoken by anyone, anywhere in the world.

“Australian Aboriginal languages are the oldest, unbroken languages in the world, and many have died out since white settlement.” Mr Mamone said.

“They are 50,000 to 100,000 years old and today there are only a few speakers left of each of them. It is our fervent duty to apply DD-Code and preserve these languages in perpetuity, because we must, and we can.” he said.

The Same Branch of Humanity

“If you like, these languages are the continual breath of all our ancestors and if we lose these languages, we lose that connection to our ancestors. We also lose our culture, the reason for our being, and the purpose of our existence at the beginning of creation.” Mr Mamone said.

Mr Mamone said further: “If you’re speaking English which is newest language in the world, say a few thousand years old, or if you’re speaking the 100,000-year-old Western Australian Aboriginal language of Ngaanyatjarra, or any of the 7,000 languages in between this period of spoken human evolution, the same DD-Code 4-way phonetic key is used to speak all of them, showing that we all come from the same branch of humanity.”

Pleased with The Way

Mamone family continues to conduct R&D into The English Period Table, The DD-Code and Visual Primer, and the marriage between early childhood learning and technology and there is always something new coming up in DD-Code Labs.

Next DD-Code product line release is Voice Recognition for young children. Imagine if a computer could really decipher a 3 years olds speech, and convert speech into a computer command, what could the very young make on screen by voice alone? The answer to that coming up January 2016 when this package is released.

We feel fortunate and very pleased to be working in such a gratifying field that preserves and exponentiates languages and educates the world community of people by this ongoing work. Where ever we can make a big difference for the better, we will always be there while the Phonetic Code Development outreaches diverse methods used today in the fields of Voice Recognition, Language Acquisition, Literacy and Education generally.

Write to us, we will get back to you. Thanking you for reading

Rachel Mamone:

Mamone Group Representative