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Elimination of Illiteracy, IQ And Accelerated World GDP

DD-CODE 3-Dimensional Education Technology can exponentially raise world GDP by raising Literacy levels to Adult Reading Ability and IQ In Early Childhood.

  1. What Is the Greatest Global Financial Problem?
  • Debt is the greatest contributor to the global financial problem, and Flat Lined IQ of 100 - since Compulsory Education began 200 years ago.
  1. What Has Been Making Debt & The Global Financial Problem?
  • 200 years has seen the largest technological boom of all time where inventions impacted GDP of all nations of the world creating the fastest rate of productivity for man and mankind, yet IQ remained static at 100 IQ & DEBT has eaten into profitability of seemingly exponential growth of GDP.
  1. What Can Remedy the Global Financial Problem?
  • For all that mankind and civilisations have amassed over the eons of time– only a quantum shift in increased level of IQ and hence genuinely greater associated Technological advancements - will REVERSE the correlation of exponential Debt acting on less exponential, real GDP.
  1. This Is How Greater IQ Is Achieved to Start Accelerated GDP:
  • Implementation trials of DD-Code literacy program has recently been concluded in Australia showing the most advanced reading levels and corresponding IQ ever obtained in 200 years of compulsory schooling.
  1. There Are 800 Million People in The World Who Cannot Read and Write:
  • If just 200 Million people of this number could read and write, world poverty would be reduced by 12.5%.
  • DD-Code can assist 800 Million people to acquire basic literacy skills in 12 Months and reverse current levels of exponentially increasing debt and reduce world debt to Zero in 5-15 years.
  1. DD-CODE World Elimination of Illiteracy and Greater IQ
  • DD-Code works by facilitating a preschool or first grade child to read and speak for example the 2 million words which constitute the English Language by learning DD-Code or Phonetic Rule of Just 1 Word: which is the same Phonetic Code for all words, hence, the entire language.
  • By this single action, DD-Code can create greater general intelligence and IQ, hence, accelerated GDP on the global scale, and can be dispersed to nations for almost Zero cost by comparison to any education department of any country.
  1. Software Programming by Primary School Children
  • Programming by Primary School children can also be achieved when advanced Reading ability are obtained.
  • One must be able to READ before doing anything, or another 50, 100 or 150 years will go by until society equates: INITIAL Literacy with Software Programming – where Software programing is just ONE Important Field of Many Coming Up in The New World and For the GDP Of the New World:
  1. Example of Resultant Reading Ability and Greater IQ When DD-Code in Placed in Logistical Time Tables of Schools and Spare Time Created By DD-Code Is Used for Extra Time on Maths and Science:

29 August 2016


In 2012 I became aware of the DD-Code as I searched for an answer to my daughters reading difficulties. As I worked through the process of learning how this code could be used in a schooling context, it became very much apparent that this decoding program worked far beyond current practices. As the then Principal of Varsity College, one of the largest schools in Australia, I eagerly tried to trial this program, however, I was unable to find a workable solution to trial it because of the size of the change required across the whole school.

In 2015, I became the Principal of Hillcrest Christian College, a small independent school on the Gold Coast in Australia. With a smaller staff and more independence, we established a trial for the DD-Code program in 2015, firstly starting with students of very poor reading capacity. In developing the decoding program with these students, we consistently recorded progress and after 3 months found that all students significantly improved their reading performance, with some reaching their chronological appropriate age level through using this new technology. This was a breakthrough in my significant experience as a Principal of a P-12 College.

Based on the success of the 2015 trial with underperforming students, a decision was made to implement this technology with all Prep students from 2016. We are now more than one semester into the implementation of this program and have started to build a data case for the continuation of this program. The following facts have emerged from the data collected so far:

  • There are 100 students in our current Prep cohort.
  • Hillcrest Christian College has a long-term goal of students reading to PM Benchmark 9 of 30 by the end of the Prep year.
  • Students are expected to finish level 30 of 30 by the end of year 3.
  • By the end of semester one this year, nearly all students were reading in excess of level 10 benchmark readers.
  • The top students were reading at levels 20 and beyond with more than 95% comprehension.
  • One student had progressed beyond level 30 with 97% comprehension – something I have never seen before.
  • All students were progressing much faster than the previous method and were achieving daily success in their reading progress.
  • Parents were absolutely supportive of the technique and happy to help in the classroom.
  • Teachers loved this program and have the opinion that it has accelerated the reading progress by up to 4 times.
  • The whole program has been so profoundly successful that we have introduced this now to all students in years 1 and 2, irrespective of their reading abilities.

The trial has been an overwhelming success to the point that we have had to reassess our goals. The students who have achieved the most success through this program have been tested on reading levels both in coloured code and without, and we have discovered that the difference in early readers is up to 7 levels, however this reduces at around level 25 where students automatically have mastered the patterns required to successfully read without assistance in the majority of cases.

The top student has been IQ assessed to determine if her incredible reading ability is IQ related and this testing discovered some previously unseen outcomes. Her literacy based testing showed an IQ of approx. 150, however her visual and auditory testing indicated a significantly lower capacity. This has lead us to the belief that the DD-Code reading program has enhanced her test performance in IQ testing.

Our conclusion from this trial is that Hillcrest Christian College Prep students will be at least one year ahead of the state averages by the end of their first year of learning and up to two years ahead by the end of their second year. The top students could be as much as four times ahead of the average Australian student which will significantly free curriculum time which will be invested in the areas of Maths and Science. Without doubt, this technology places all students at the front of their age cohort in academic performance from the beginning of their schooling journey, which will allow them to be successful throughout their schooling experience.

Kind regards,

Jeff Davis


21 Bridgman Drive, Reedy Creek Q 4227 PO Box 2503, Burleigh Waters Q 4220
07 5593 4226 hillcrest.qld.edu.au office@hillcrest.qld.edu.au
ACN 010381334 ABN 68 947 459 366 CRICOS 01043C
Hillcrest Christian College is an interdenominational ministry of Reedy Creek Baptist Church and is operated by Hillcrest Christian College Ltd.

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