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The Elimination Of Illiteracy In 7,000 Languages Project

DD-Code Phonetic Search Engine

Read and Speak the Two million words which constitute the
English Language by Knowing the Phonetic Code of Just One Word

Changing the Medium of The Media

Can you imagine being able to read printed text - without ever having learned to read?

The DD-Code language development enables users and non-users of the English language, to read the entire body of 2 million words by learning the Phonetic Code of just One Word.

The DD-Code, a property uniquely derived from The P.E.R.I.O.D.I.C Table development makes possible for 5-year-olds to adulthood, read and speak the 2 million words of English by knowing the Phonetic Code of just one word, because the Phonetic Code is the same for all words.

Changing the Medium of The Media

The DD-Code education development has also changed forever the word press Media. The main medium the Media uses to disseminate information to the world is Printed Text, more so on Internet than at any other time since the printing press was invented 500 years ago.

There are 3 applications of DD-Code to phonetisise all printed text on the internet and change the Medium of The Media generally to a medium that anyone, at any age, from anywhere in the world can Read.

  • The first application is use of The DD-Code Internet Phonetic Search Engine. The readership of 600 million people in the English-speaking world who can read information in English, can increase to 7 billion readership by facilitating the reading and speaking of 2 million words of English - by learning the Phonetic Code of just One Word, initially with The DD-Code Engine.
  • The second application is The DD-Code Browser Button. This button is downloaded onto the browser of the computer. After locating a site by any search engine, you simply click DD-Code button in the browser and the site will change Plain Text into DD-Code Phonetic Text.
  • The third application is The DD-Code Corporate Button. This button is attached to the Main Menu of a site itself, so that anyone visiting that site can click DD-Code button for Phonetic Text. This includes any internet sites such Internet Search Engines, business and non-business sites.

Raising Quantum Intelligence with Exponential Language Acquisition – Man Trekking the Stars Before Time

There are many applications of DD-Code and The Periodic Table of English, however, these three applications will ensure the possible elimination of illiteracy and the raising of IQ across the world within a few short years from their release.

DD-Code is one small click for anyone - but One Great Illumination for Mankind, and raising of IQ across the world will probably get man to the stars at an earlier time than it otherwise would be. That is one great hope of The DD-Code and for all the reasons of reaching the stars that it means for Mankind.

Elimination of Illiteracy

By the time children get to school they have a spoken and unspoken vocabulary of about 5,000 to 8,000 words, but after 2 years of school they can read only a few hundred words.

For example: If a mother said to her 4 or 5 year old child: Now Johnny, I would like you to go outside and help dad rake the leaves off the lawn, come inside after that, wash your hands before lunch, and we will go to the cinema and  see your favourite movie’ – the child would understand this instruction, but if you wrote those words on a piece of paper, this aged child would not be able to read it.

DD-Code has been 34 years in the making and has universal ability to not just to eliminate illiteracy, but to raise the standard of literacy and IQ of children and adults across the board for the first time since compulsory education began 200 years ago.

Governments and researchers have been looking for DD-Code for at least 200 years, which has been forming and reforming the 2000-year-old history and evolution of the English spoken and written language.

Future Language In 3-Dimensions

The DD-Code is a property unique to the 3-Dimensional Periodic Table Array of English, where word entries are aligned in a 3-Dimensional, 3 coordinate array according to initial letter, number of vowel and consonant groups and combination of the first and last vowel sounds of each entry. “Periodic spacing shows where new words come into the language daily and 1000 years from now in the future. For example, 300 years ago, we could have predicted spelling of words like runway, antibiotics and automobile.

More particularly, The DD-Code translates everyday printed text into an alpha-numero-graphic sound to letter format that forms a 100% reliable, speech to text phonetic code that is universal for instant decipherment of speech and reading from printed text. The phonetic key is the binary code and absolute correlation that binds the written and spoken forms of English together, for the preservation and exponentiation of English and all languages for all time.

The P.E.R.I.O.D.I.C Table of English & The DD-Code Breaking Down Language Barriers of The World

One property of DD-Code facilitates speech of a second language as though a Mother Tongue. It is now possible for anyone wanting to speak Mandarin as a second language, to do so as though speaking Mandarin from birth.

For example, Mandarin is spoken in the musical key of A#, and English is spoken in the Key of A. and European and African Languages are spoken in the Key of G.

As a singer Transposes the Voice to sound Higher or Lower when singing a song from one key to another, so must the learner of a second language train the Vocal Chords and Muscle of Speech practice the Vowels and Consonants of Speech to speak in a different key for attainment of Native Speech of a Second Language.

Right: Shows the necessary ability required to begin speaking another language as second one. For example if your first language is Mandarin spoken in A#, and you want to speak English, first you will need to transpose the Pitch of Speech from Mandarin in A#, one half tone down from the Key of A# to the Key of A to acquire the speech of English, and vice versa if your first language is English and you want to speak the language of Mandarin like native Speakers:

The DD-Code facilitates anyone using English as their first language to speak native sounding Mandarin firstly by adjusting their tone of speech from A to A#, and vice versa if Mandarin is the first language and you are wanting to learn English as a second language.

Below, the shaded areas of The P.E.R.I.O.D.I.C Table of English shows sample of best English words used to train the voice of the Mandarin speaker to transpose the voice from A# to the English Key of A for attainment of Native Speech of English:

Promoter of Amity and Friendship Between Countries of The World

Application of DD-Code to the fields of education and communication breaks down international language barriers by facilitating instant cognition for the reading and speaking of language. In addition to preservation of all languages, one of the most important applications of DD-Code is facilitating the exponential use and spread of languages and greatest single promoter of amity and friendship between countries for the first time in human history in this way.

Widening Road Between East and West

For over 30 years, DD-Code has always been a serious hobby for its creators, but many years ago, when they were visited by Chinese province Hubei vice governor and vice principals for foreign affairs and education, the Chinese government nicknamed my father Marco Polo for widening the road between east and west, it made Mamone Family think how quickly the world is changing for the better despite the headlines to the contrary you see every day in the Media.

Below shows how the English DD-Code 4-Way Code is Translated into Chinese Mandarin to Read and Speak prefect English from English DD-Code:

Below shows how the Mandarin DD-Code 4-Way Code is Translated into English to Read and Speak perfect Mandarin from Chinese Mandarin or Pin Yin DD-Code.

Preservation and Education of Endangered Languages

DD-Code periodic tabulation of dying and some extinct languages can preserve these languages for all time, by creating their phonetic code so they can be read and spoken by anyone, anywhere in the world.

Australian Aboriginal languages are the oldest, unbroken languages in the world, and many have died out since white settlement. They are 50,000 to 100,000 years old and today there are only a few speakers left of each of them. It is our fervent duty to apply DD-Code and preserve these languages in perpetuity, because we must, and we can.

The Same Branch of Humanity

These ancient languages are the continual breath of all our ancestors and if we lose these languages, we lose that connection to our ancestors. We lose also our culture and the reason for our being and the purpose of our existence at the beginning of creation.

If speaking English, which is newest language in the world, say a few thousand years old, or if speaking the 100,000-year-old Western Australian Aboriginal language of Ngaanyatjarra, or any of the 7,000 languages in between this period of spoken human evolution, the same DD-Code 4-way phonetic key is used to speak all of them, showing that we all come from the same branch of humanity.

Below shows the oldest and newest languages of Mankind:

If you would like further information about Changing the Medium of the Media, or have suggestions for this page, write to us at:  ddcodemedia@theddcode.com