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The Elimination Of Illiteracy In 7,000 Languages Project

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Read and Speak the Two million words which constitute the
English Language by Knowing the Phonetic Code of Just One Word

The DD-Code Literacy Application Program

  • The Program may be used at home by Parents and by Teachers in the classroom setting.
  • The DD-Code formally guarantees children from 4 years to read and speak the 2 million words which constitute the English language by learning the phonetic code of just one word.
  • DD-Code further guarantees to bring all students up to and beyond levels required by chronological standards for reading.

The DD-Code Program Achievement

Program completion will have developed extensively:

  • Decoding, reading and or the sounding out of printed text.
  • Understanding of text read and, in most cases, way beyond the chronological standards used universally to derive the Reading to understanding ratio.
  • Speak naturally, or talk when reading aloud.
  • Visually scan and speed read text.
  • Break and make all syllable formation codes for 2 million words.
  • Spelling ability beyond the chronological standards.

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  • DD-Code User Name and Password is automatically sent to the purchaser’s email address on receipt of payment for immediate use.
  • DD-Code purchase cost for first 12 months is as above. If Required, DD-Code purchase cost for second 12 months is 50% of the above purchase price.
  • For part payment request or discount due to hardship, write details and send to: ddcodepartpay@theddcode.com

Purchase DD-Code Program for GOVT & PRIVATE SCHOOLS

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DD-Code General Information for Schools:   ddcodeschoolinfo@theddcode.com

DD-Code Formal Lifetime Guarantee

The DD-CODE is the only institution in the world which can formally guarantee any and all children and adults to read and comprehend printed text with 100% mastery at the chronological level set by all reading assessments Initiated by governments and universities in the world.